Here’s How a Photographer Made His Model Levitate for a Creative Real Estate Photograph (VIDEO)

Selling a home isn’t easy in today’s challenging real estate market, so an enterprising young couple came up with an eye-catching concept they thought might attract attention to a home they were selling: They wanted the main photo for their listing to have an attractive model levitating on a magic carpet.

Fortunately, the couple found the right photographer for the job, Ben Lawson, who says, “The owner thought this was a good way to sell a house. So I hired a model and did the shoot.” Lawson admits to wondering what the curious neighbors thought about this peculiar project.

In the two-minute video below you’ll see Lawson build a simple set with a couple chairs and a sawhorse, pose the model, and make the photograph. Then he uses Photoshop to quickly clone out the impromptu structure supporting the “magic carpet,” and calls it a wrap.

There’s no word on whether the creative image helped sell the house, but if it didn’t, this is one sale you can’t blame on the photographer. You can see more from Lawson on his YouTube channel, and speaking of magic, take a look at our earlier story with seven simple tricks for unique still life photographs.