Heartbroken Little Girl Learns What Happens When You Accidentally Delete a Photo (VIDEO)

This should bring a tear to the eye of digital camera users the world over. In the video below, an adorable, 4-year-old girl named Cadence is completely heartbroken after she accidentally deletes a photo of her beloved friend “Uncle Dave.”

Here’s how 22 Words, which originally shared the video, describes what happened.

“As 4-year-old Cadence was playing with a little camera for her and her brothers, she pushed just the right sequence of buttons to delete a photo. When she realized what she’d done, and that the photo she’d deleted was of her good friend “Uncle Dave,” she was completely undone.

After taking a moment to regain some composure, she wanted to send this message to Dave…”

Luckily for Cadence, Uncle Dave had another photo to give her.

Not for nothing, but there’s lots of image recovery software out there she could’ve used to help restore the photo but that solution, and the concept of backing up your images, are really lessons for another time.

(Via Laughing Squid)