Fun Halloween Photo Hacks from Trickster Jordi Koalitic (VIDEO)

Whenever we post a tutorial from photographer Jordi Koalitic Shutterbug readers know they’re in for a fun time. We refer to Koalitic as a “trickster” because he’s full of goofy ideas for making unique attention-grabbing images.

Today’s episode is all about simple hacks for shooting spooky Halloween photos. Like others videos we’ve shared from Koalitic in the past, this one relies upon common household  “props” to create the interesting effects. You’ll want to enlist the aid of a friend or family member, because some of these tricks require more than two hands.

As is typically the case with lessons from Koalitic, this is a visual tutorial without dialogue, so pull up a chair, sit back, watch him work some magic, and then pull out a few props. Koalitic uses everything from a mirror, flashlight, and his bike, to cardboard cutouts, sparklers and a laser pointer.

You’ll also see how to create captivating Halloween photos with a light saber, shadows, and flaming flares, and we urge you to be careful with the latter. He also uses two small light cubes, taped to a pair of eyeglasses, to give his subject’s eyes a scary orange glow.

Koalitic makes things easier with photo captions that include his camera settings and the photo gear used to make the shot.

You can find many more hacks by paying a visit to Koalitic’s YouTube channel, so be sure to take a look.

And speaking of tricks, check out the tutorial we posted recently, with 50 Photoshop tips, tricks, and shortcuts for easier image editing.

Have fun!