Fix These Lightroom MISTAKES Before RUINING Your Photos (VIDEO)

We frequently discuss the fact that some rules of photography are meant to be broken. But that’s not an excuse to be lazy, because certain techniques are just plain wrong and need to be fixed.

Today’s tutorial from AdoramaTV discusses Lightroom processing errors that can really spoil an image. And, of course, you’ll also learn how to fix these mistakes in the future by doing things correctly.

In this episode of the popular Mastering Your Craft educational series, instructor Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge demonstrates seven editing tasks many photographers do wrong, and walks you through simple techniques for getting it right. So pay attention and jot down some notes.

Jirsa begins with White Balance errors that can result in images that are either too cold or too warm. It’s true that color temperature is subjective, and you may like to shoot on the warm side or take the opposite approach. But if you stray too far in either direction, the result is often an unappealing image.

Next on the list is forgetting to straighten skewed lines like a crooked horizon, the slanting edge of a building, and other prominent vertical or horizontal lines in a scene. Failing to make the simple correction Jirsa demonstrates is likely to yield a photo with an unpolished look.

Other mistakes and fixes discussed in the video involve correcting contrast and heavy vignettes, cleaning up messy backgrounds, and how to avoid a heavy-handed use of Lightroom’s DeHaze filter. You’ll also see how Jirsa recommends employing the Crop Tool for best results.

You can find more helpful videos like this on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel.