Excitement of Le Mans Captured in 1,158-Frame Stop-Motion Video By Photographer Camden Thrasher

Created by photographer Camden Thrasher for Audi, the "Le Mans in stop motion" video embedded below expertly captures the pulse pounding excitement, drama and raw power of this 24-hour car race in France.

Containing 1,158 images shot with Thrasher's Nikon D3 DSLR, this 2:06-minute clip highlights every part of the race and is comprised solely of his individual race photos.

Starting with the viewing of the cars (and their drivers) to the dangerous twists and turns of the track and ending with the lavish celebration for the proud winner. The video was crafted from shots taken both day and at night and from various vantage points along the racecourse as the cars flew by at an amazing speed. 

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