DW: Print for Print Packages

Photographer Solutions(tm), A division of Scientific Toolworks Inc. http://www.photographersolutions.com, a digital workflow software company, has announced its new DW:Print software, helping digital photographers who need to easily create and arrange photos on print sheets. The new tool, which can be downloaded from http://www.photographersolutions.com, helps photographers quickly use dozens of prearranged, paper-saving templates to display and print a group of photos easily and efficiently. There's a 15 day trial available on the web site; cost of the package suite is $99.99.

DW:Print allows digital photographers to quickly perform various functions all in one tool. DW:Print can queue a directory (and sub-directories) of images for printing, zoom and crop, and mix and match photos on a sheet all with a one-click interface. Once a package is completed photographers can print the sheets on their own printer, or save the package to a CD or memory card to take to a local photo lab.