Download This FREE Guide to Street Photography: Techniques, Inspiration, Interviews, & More!

Here’s a deal that’s too good to pass up from the folks at Lens Culture, a global photography resource dedicated to discovering contemporary talent and celebrating great work. Their efforts are an invaluable resource for learning new skills, discovering interesting books, and improving one’s skills and creativity.

Just in time for hitting the streets over the weekend, this comprehensive guide provides a heavy dose of inspiration, eye-popping imagery, interesting interviews, and a wide array of advice from top street photographers, curators, educators and others.

After downloading the attractive PDF, you’ll also discover information on sharing your work, technical tips, and much more. There are also a number of remarkable quotes from all-time greats of the genre.

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This free guide is truly a goldmine that will encourage you to grab a camera and put on your walking shoes. It explores different approaches to shooting on the streets, with solid tips on finding the best light, composing a shot with maximum impact, and being nimble enough to capture those unexpected, fleeting moments that are the hallmark of great street photography.

You’ll also be surprised by a number of common threads running through the work of the great masters, even though they all have their own style. And the fascinating interviews will keep you inspired for many days to come.

So click the box at the bottom of this description, and you’ll soon have an entirely new vision for capturing the streets of your hometown. You can also find other interesting content by visiting the Lens Culture website.