DON’T Buy a New Camera Before watching This Video!

There are numerous reasons for buying a new camera. Maybe yours is an old clunker and a replacement is long overdue. Or perhaps you’re chasing more megapixels or want better video capabilities.

Even if you’re afflicted with gas (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) we encourage you to watch the quick video below before pulling the trigger. Depending upon your needs, an investment in better glass may be a smarter way to spend your hard-earned cash.

We hope not to ruffle any feathers among our industry friends with this quick episode from British pro Ian Worth, but he makes a few valid points we think you should consider. So give his advice some thought, check out the comparison photos, see what you think, and be nice!

Worth is a passionate landscape photography based in Wales, and he recently made the jump from a 26MP Fujifilm X-T3 to the 40MP Fujifilm xh2.  While his decision was based in part upon higher resolution, he says other reasons include “a better EVF and LCD, improved autofocus, and IBIS.”

To be fair, Worth says the shutter count on his old camera was really high, so that also has to be factored into the equation. As you’ll see, he ran some tests between both cameras with his type of photography in mind. The goal was to determine if his recent purchase was really worth it (no pun intended).

So what did Worth decide? In his words, “the results are very surprising.” Of course every photographer has unique requirements, so you may come to a different conclusion. Watch the video, look at the photos, and decide for yourself.

There is much more of worth (pun intended) on Worth’s YouTube channel, so be sure to pay a visit.

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