Delkin Pop-Up Shades For The Canon 30D

Delkin Devices is now shipping Pop-Up Shades for the Canon 30D. Pop-Up Shades are custom designed to match the style, color and texture of the camera they attach to. They are LCD screen protective covers, which double as glare guards. These sturdy, lightweight covers are easily installed (and removed), protect a digital camera's expensive LCD screen in the closed position, and pop up to provide easier viewing of the display in bright sunlight. Pop-Up Shades flip up to form a three sided canopy over the LCD screen to diminish glare, and incorporate an optically clear plastic cover that guards the LCD screen when the shade is up. Models are available for almost every camera on the market.

The Pop-Up Shade for the Canon 30D comes in both Professional and Standard models. Both models attach using the camera's built-in features and are totally customized for the Canon 30D. The Professional model is designed to attach to your camera using the existing eye piece and slots around the display. Buttons on the Professional shades are aligned with your camera to reduce the wear and tear on delicate parts and components. The Standard model is our most popular model, and simply snaps on the back of the camera. MSRP on the Professional model is $44.99, while the Standard model retails for $34.99. The 30D Pop-Up Shades are available at camera dealers worldwide, and are now available at