Custom Photo Sales for Photographers' Web Sites has announced a new eCommerce Plug-in that lets pro photographers sell images directly from their Web sites. Taking advantage of's advanced e-commerce, lab services, and fulfillment capabilities, individual or groups of photos on any Web site can be sold, printed, and shipped to customers with significant control over pricing, print options, and products.

On their own Web sites, photographers or their Web developers simply place a "print button" beside photos they wish to sell that says "order prints" or something similar. The button, which can be designed however the photographer likes, is placed onto the Web site using basic Web management tools in HTML. When a customer clicks the button, they are transferred to a shopping cart on the photographer's

personal gallery site, along with a thumbnail of the image. The shopping cart displays the items and prices set by the photographer. In addition, a multiple-image option is available to allow customers to
select multiple images on the photographer's Web site and then "order prints," which takes them to a shopping cart with multiple thumbnails of the images. This can be configured in a variety of ways by the photographer. Examples of the eCommerce Plug-in are available upon request.

Customer orders using the eCommerce Plug-in are fulfilled within three business days after the order is placed. accesses the full-size images (required for printing) associated with the thumbnails seen by the customer. The photographer is responsible for providing the full-sized images to before or when orders are placed. In addition to using the eCommerce Plug-in, photographers can have custom galleries in that contain other as well as the same images. The eCommerce Plug-in is free of charge to all registered pro photographers. Complete information for integrating the plug-in HTML code into their site is available upon request from