Covering The Photo Beat; Speed Ring, Angle Viewfinder, Pocket Depth Of Field Guide, Plus More

Versatile Rechargeable Battery Pack
The latest accessory addition for the SP Studio Systems electronic flashes from BKA is the updated model SP Battery Pack that was designed primarily for use with the SP LancerLight series of AC/DC flashes, but is also compatible with flashes using Quantum's Turbo and Lumedyne's Mini Cycler and HV Cycler battery packs. This unit comes with a user-replaceable 2.3Ah sealed lead acid battery, which can be removed and replaced in the field when rundown. The rechargeable battery pack can be recharged with the included charger and comes with a carrying case and strap. The MSRP is $250. Contact: Brandess-Kalt-Aetna Group, Inc., 701 Corporate Woods Pkwy., Vernon Hills, IL 60061; (847) 821-0450; fax: (847) 821-5410;

New 6x6 Medium Format AF Lens
Rolleiflex 6008AF camera users now have a new lens, the 50mm f/2.8 Schneider-Kreuznach AF Super-Angulon HFT PQS. This is the fourth AF lens for this 6x6cm medium format camera. It features a between-the-lens shutter that is flash synchronized over the entire speed range. The lens also features Rollei's Direct-Drive technology with two linear motors that drive both the diaphragm and shutter blades, while the camera's microcomputer controls them in precise 1/3 increments. The MSRP is $4499. Contact: Rollei USA LLC, 2015 Mountain Rd., Unit B, Stroudsburg, PA 18360; (570) 629-4391; fax: (570) 629-2533;

Quick Release Speed Rings
The new CHIMERA Quick Release Speed Ring makes the setting up and taking down of CHIMERA Lightbanks and softboxes as easy as flipping a lever. The ring also makes it easy to move Lightbanks around sets and through doors and tight spots without disassembling the Lightbank. The Quick Release Speed Ring will be featured in a variety of sizes to accommodate most lighting instruments and will work well with most existing Lightbanks. The first two sizes being offered are 6" and 7.3". Larger sizes will be available in the coming months. Contact: CHIMERA, 1812 Valtec Ln., Boulder, CO 80301; (888) 444-1812, (303) 444-8000; fax: (303) 444-8303;

Angle Viewfinder For Easier Close Focusing
Users of all Leica M-system models of 35mm rangefinder cameras (except the first M3 series) will appreciate the convenience of the Leica Angle Viewfinder M. It shows a large, round, upright central .3" section of the viewfinder image. The 45Þ eyepiece rotates freely for easier viewing in all situations when the photographer does not want to hold the camera directly in front of the eye. For example, it offers a much more comfortable posture when taking close-ups from near the ground. It can be fitted with any Leica diopter correction lens or the 1.25x viewfinder magnifier. It weighs only 1.5 oz, is available in black chrome finish, and includes a leather storage case. The MSRP is $365. It can also be purchased in a set along with the Leica Macro-Elmar M 90mm lens. Contact: Leica Camera Inc., 1 Pearl Ct., Unit A, Allendale, NJ 07401; (800) 222-0118, (201) 995-0051; fax: (201) 995-1686;