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High-Impact Equipment Case Adds Extension Handle
The Pelican Protector line of high-impact, all-purpose watertight cases has added a new model 1560 with a number of added features. There are both front and side grips for added carrying comfort, ball-bearing polyurethane wheels, and an extension handle for much easier transporting. Reinforced stainless steel padlock protectors add to the security. Optional accessories include TSA-accepted PeliLocks, lid organizers for the 2800 cubic inch interior storage space, and padded divider sets for customizing. It's easy to recognize these cases with the distinctive trademarked "Dual Band" exterior design. Additional features include polymer sponge O-ring seals for dust and waterproof seal of the lid plus a Gore-Tex purge valve that not only stops moisture but also automatically balances interior and exterior air pressure. Contact: Pelican Products, Inc., 23215 Early Ave., Torrance, CA 90505; (800) 473-5422 (outside CA), (310) 326-4700 (within CA); fax: (310) 326-3311;

Sturdier, More Rugged LiteDisc Holder
Photoflex now offers a strengthened and more versatile version of its LiteDisc Holder for precise positioning of a variety of reflective materials, such as the Photoflex LiteDisc line and MultiDisc 5'n1. It can also be used as a brace for foamcore, Plexiglas, and similar lightweight reflective materials. It extends from 36-67". It can also serve as a lightweight mini-boom for small softboxes by adding a counterbalance. Heavy-duty aluminum is used for the collar and stand-mount swivel assembly. The MSRP is $73. Contact: Photoflex Products Inc., 97 Hangar Way, Watsonville, CA 95076; (800) 486-2674, (831) 786-1370; fax: (831) 786-1371;

Digital Ultra Clear Filter
Both digital and still cameras can have the front surface of the lens protected by using the new Digital Ultra Clear filter from Tiffen. Made from ultra-quality optical glass, the filter offers optimum protection against dirt, grime, fingerprints, and accidental bumps. It can be left screwed onto the lens all the time with no compromise in image quality. It's available in sizes up to 82mm and the MSRP ranges from $30-$110, which includes a 10-year warranty. Contact: The Tiffen Company, LLC, 90 Oser Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788; (800) 645-2522, (631) 273-2500; fax: (631) 273-2557;

New Group Of AC Studio Flash Units
New from Paterson Photographic is a range of four AC-powered Interfit Stellar studio flash units with maximum output of 150, 300, 600, and 1000 ws. An important feature of these moderately-priced flashes is a low sync voltage of 4.3v, making them especially suitable for use with both digital and film cameras. Common features include: aluminum extruded body shells, fan cooling, user interchangeable flash tubes, high Guide Numbers, stepless power adjustment over five f/stops, proportional halogen modeling lights, built-in slave, and bayonet-fitting reflectors. Contact: Paterson Photographic Inc., 4680-A Industrial Access Rd., Douglasville, GA 30134; (770) 947-9796; fax: (770) 949-5917;

Pocket Depth Of Field Guide
The new ExpoAperture Depth of Field Guide is a small circular pocket guide that enables any photographer to quickly determine the maximum and minimum depth of field for any given lens focal length and aperture size. The Guide is useful with all film and digital cameras having manual aperture control and manual focus overrides. It is printed front and back on two tough plastic discs that rotate against each other, is slightly larger than a credit card, and comes with a durable plastic carrying/storage pouch. Advanced instructions are included for use with macro and tele-zoom lenses to quickly determine the precise depth of field at a glance. The MSRP is $20. Contact: ExpoImaging, Inc., 365 Woodview Ave., Ste. 700, Morgan Hill, CA 95037; (800) 446-5086 (to order by phone), (408) 778-2040 (for info); fax: (408) 778-9542;

Constant Output Quartz Light
Adorama has introduced the Flashpoint Bright Beam 300, a low cost, compact quartz halogen flood light. This light is ideal for today's digital photographer in small to medium size studios. It is especially useful for lighting still products bound for the Internet. The unit is supplied with a 300w quartz halogen bulb, an 8" removable reflector, and a detachable power cord for easy storage. The built-in mounting adapter fits onto light stands with studs up to 5/8". The bracket tilts to accommodate different shooting angles, including extreme upward angles when an umbrella is attached. The umbrella holder is centered for even light distribution. The Bright Beam 300 will accept all of the Flashpoint II monolight accessories, including barn doors, snoot, vented softboxes, beauty dish, etc. The MSRP including bulb is $69.95. Contact: Adorama Camera, Inc., 42 W 18th St., New York, NY 10011; (800) 223-2500, (212) 741-0052; fax: (212) 463-7223;