Capture the Beauty of Long Exposures with Your Camera’s Live View Mode and an ND Filter (VIDEO)

Greg Benz is a Minneapolis-based photographer known for his stunning landscape and cityscape images, and he creates some real magic by using his camera’s Live View mode and a neutral density (ND) filter.

The technique Benz describes in the video below enables you to turn waves and rough water into soft dreamy patterns and render billowing clouds as smooth streams in the sky. He says this approach not only works great for landscape photography, but for his architectural work as well.

Benz reveals a simple trick for nailing the exposure that eliminates all the guesswork out of using ND filters. So watch the video, grab your camera, a tripod and an ND filter, and get busy. You can find more helpful tutorials on Benz’ YouTube channel, and be sure to take a look at our recent article explaining how to use Photoshop to give your landscape photos the glowing “Orton Effect.”