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America's Parks; photographs by Philippe Bourseiller, essays by Jean-Francois Chaix, Gary Ferguson, and Roger Cans; Abrams, 384 pages; $55; (ISBN: 0-8109-3084-6)
Prize winning photographer Philippe Bourseiller spent an entire year traveling across our country to capture the magnificent unspoiled beauty of North America's parks. His quest took him from such wondrous places as Acadia National Park to Zion National Park capturing lush green landscapes, sun baked deserts, majestic mountains, the raw energy of Niagara Falls and the destructive power of Hawaii's volcanoes. This book contains a stunning collection of 200 color images that allow you to experience his amazing journey for yourself.

Born To Run: The Unseen Photos; photographs by Eric Meola; Insight Editions, 88 pages; $39.95; (ISBN: 1-933784-09-1)
Born To Run contains an amazing collection of over 100 black and white images captured during the album cover shoot for Bruce Springsteen. Photographer Eric Meola documented this dramatic moment in music history over 30 years ago and his book provides a wonderful opportunity to relive those days. It also features an insightful introduction by music writer Daniel Wolff and song lyrics from Springsteen's famous album.

Brilliant Waters: Portraits Of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, And The High Sierra; photographs by Elizabeth Carmel, forword by Robert Redford; Hawks Peak Publishing, 104 pages; $50; (ISBN-10: 0-9776877-0-8)
This title is graced with a magnificent collection of images from award-winning fine art landscape photographer Elizabeth Carmel. She expertly captured the unspoiled beauty of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and The High Sierra in Winter and Fall. It also features a forword by acclaimed actor Robert Redford. Together they make this book a treasure to be enjoyed time and again.

National Geographic: The Ultimate Field Guide To Landscape Photography; by Robert Caputo; National Geographic Books, 160 pages; $21.95; (ISBN: 0-4262-0054-4)
Any landscape photographer would love to have a copy of this handy little guide. Caputo clearly explains today's hottest techniques and trends for both digital and traditional photography. He also offers in-depth advice on composition, cameras and lenses, using light, and digital strategies. The lessons are highlighted with a wonderful collection of never seen before images from National Geographic that are paired with informative captions revealing how the shot was captured. This is another fine field guide from the world travelers we all know and trust.