Book Reviews

Classic Nude Photography Techniques And Images; by Peter & Alice Gowland; Amherst Media, PO Box 586, Buffalo, NY 14226; soft cover; 124 pages; $29.95; (ISBN 1-58428-040-9)
The beautiful images of Peter Gowland are legendary and this book offers a breath-taking look at some of the best examples of his work from nearly all phases of his long and successful career. The best part is the fact that each image is accompanied by a brief yet detailed caption that explains how the shot was captured. These tips provide the reader with a wealth of valuable information on how to improve their own work. If you happen to be a fan of Gowland's photography then you really should explore two other books that are available straight from the artist himself. For more information on purchasing a copy of Gowland 330 Best Poses Volume 13 and Gowland Glamour Collection please send an e-mail to or visit their web site at

Great Photography Workshop: Getting Serious About Outdoor Photography; by Bill Fortney; NorthWood Press, 18705 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen, MN 55317; soft cover; 192 pages; $24.95; (ISBN1-55971-876-5)
Are you an advanced amateur with a passion for outdoor photography? If so, then you probably own a wide variety of top quality equipment and possess a desire to perfect your skills so Bill Fortney's guide is exactly what you require to achieve that goal. His book is like a portable workshop that lets you master various skills and techniques at your own pace. Fortney covers everything from how a camera works to exposure, light, composition, and the benefits of digital as well as traditional photography. The text is well written and there are plenty of sample images that make the lessons simple to understand and apply to your own work.

Photographer's Guide To Wedding Album Design And Sales; by Bob Coates; Amherst Media, 175 Rano Street, Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14207; soft cover; 128 pages; $29.95; (ISBN 1-58428-098-0)
Every wedding photographer knows exactly how important the sale of a top quality album can be, but perfecting your selling technique is never easily accomplished. That doesn't have to be a problem any longer since Bob Coates provides plenty of professional advice on everything from album design to stunning layout ideas and he even outlines the best ways to discover your client's taste and budget needs. With the aid of 150 sample color images and loads of fascinating tips, he expertly explains how to produce a lasting treasure for your clients to enjoy for years to come. This book will quickly prove to be a priceless tool that you simply can not afford to do without.

Selling Photography; by Roger Antrobus; Amphoto Books, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003; soft cover; 128 pages; $24.95; (ISBN0-8174-5839-5)
If you are looking for comprehensive business advice, artistic tips, or better ways to sell your images then Roger Antrobus can provide ample instructions on the basics of stock photography with the aid of this guide. It's filled with plenty of top quality professional tips and 150 photographic examples that are certain to produce successful results. Allow Antrobus to put his 15 years of experience to the test and be sure to purchase a copy of this book today.