Book Reviews

The Oxford Project; photographs by Peter Feldstein, text by Stephen G. Bloom, preface by Gerald Stern; Welcome Books; $50; (ISBN: 978-1-59962-048-0)
This fascinating project started in 1984 when photographer Peter Feldstein set out to capture candid black and white portraits of the residents of Oxford, Iowa. He returned 26 years later to reveal how the passage of time had transformed his subjects and to explore the paths their lives had taken. His book is a time capsule that offers the reader a unique glimpse of the changing face of life in small town America and I’m certain that it will make a fine addition to your personal library.

African Air; by George Steinmetz; Abrams; $40; (ISBN: 978-0-8109-8403-5)
During his over 30-year career as a photographer, George Steinmetz made numerous trips to Africa and collected an impressive body of work. This book documents his journey with a beautiful collection of 190 full-color images, most of them shot from a motorized paraglider, that showcase the stunning diversity of the landscape of Africa and the culture of its people. African Air is sure to be a treasured addition to your personal library.

Extreme Birds: The World’s Most Extraordinary and Bizarre Birds; by Dominic Couzens; Firefly Books; $45; (ISBN: 978-1-55407-423-5)
From colorful to bizarre, the world of birds is very strange ideed. Extreme Birds provides a wealth of fun factoids on our feathered friends from ugliest looks to the biggest belly, best dance skills, and the deepest divers. This wonderful collection of 150 full-color images highlight each section and bring the science fact into sharper focus.