Bentley Is at It Again with This 57,700-Megapixel Interactive Image of Their Luxury Car in Dubai

Last year we featured a mind-blowing 53,000-megapixel image that Bentley Motors created for an ad campaign. At first glance the shot looked like just another distant scenic photo of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge—until you used the interactive controls to zoom in so tight you could literally see the stitching on the car’s headrest as it drove across the bridge.

Now Bentley has created this stunning 57,700-megapixel shot using NASA technology, captured from the Cayan Tower skyscraper in Dubai. Unfortunately, we can’t duplicate the interactive controls here, but with this link you can scroll around Dubai and zoom in to find the Bentley Flying Spur lurking in the distance.

For this project the Bentley team suspended a camera 866 feet up the Cayan Tower skyscraper, which is one of Dubai’s tallest. The project took six days to shoot and three months to process, resulting in a final interactive image comprised of 1,825 individual frames that were stitched together.

So have fun using these interactive controls to zoom in tight on the details of the Bentley Flying Spur. As for the car itself, it not only exudes luxury but reaches a top speed of 202 mph—the first Bentley to break the 200 mph speed barrier. As for the price, to paraphrase jazz great Fats Waller, “If you have to ask, don’t mess with it.”

Well, OK, you can pick one up for a cool $200,000 which is less than four bucks per megapixel.

You can watch a video of the project below. And be sure to look at our earlier story about Bentley’s Golden Gate Bridge image.

Via Daily Mail