8 Hot DIY Tips For Better Smartphone Photography (VIDEO)

Want to take better and more interesting photos with your smartphone? COOPH (The Cooperative of Photography) recently partnered with photographer Richard Schabetsberger to create a great new how-to video for fantastic smartphone photography.

Working in picturesque Salzburg, Austria, Schabetsberger expertly demonstrates a selection of eight fun and easy tricks that will take your smartphone photography to the next level of creativity. The DIY tips include:

• Aerial photography (using a helium balloon, fishing line and a remote shutter)

• Use your sunglasses (with gradient lenses) as a filter

• Easy pinhole photography

• Fake 3D shots using a paper frame

• Crazy effects with a Tiny Planet app

• High-key images

• Inception selfie shots (photos within photos)

• Make a projector out of nothing but a lens and a box

Check out the video below and try some of these great smartphone photography tips out. (You should also check out this COOPH video on 14 Great Travel Tips & Tricks.)

(Via ISO 1200)