7 Photo Gifts Photographers in Your Life Will Love

Ranging in price from $5 to $75, these unique and special photo-related products make wonderful, thoughtful gifts for a graduating senior who digs photography. Holiday Alert: Father’s Day is June 20.

Want to buy a gift that feeds the photography jones of a loved one, but don’t know what kind of camera they have? No matter; these gifts are brand neutral. This list is also a good place to look for Father’s Day gift ideas.

7. Mouse Pad
Vintage and collectable cameras decorate this computer necessity.

Order mouse pad from Amazon, $5

6. Inspiring Wall Art
Hanging wooden sign measures 5 x 10 inches. Perfect for dorm rooms.

Order wall art from Amazon, $13.95

5. Unisex Socks
Show off your hobby with your feet.

Order camera socks from Amazon, $11.50

4. Photo Coasters
High quality lens replica that separates to become a set of five drink coasters. Silicone padding protects table.

Order coaster set from Amazon, $24.95

3. Photo Lens Cup
Coffee mug, 13.5 ounce, with two lids and spoon. Great for travel or office.

Order mug set from Amazon, $15.95

Large 13.5-ounce mug only (one lid) $9.99 and is available from Amazon.

2. Pencil & Pen Holder
Classic camera-shaped pen holder—wouldn’t this look great on your desk?

Order pencil holder from Amazon, $15.50

1. Fotodiox Crystal Rangefinder Camera
Magnificent two-thirds-size crystal replica of LEICA M9 with 28mm f/2 Summicron.

Other models and more gifts available from the Fotodiox Store on Amazon.

Order crystal model camera from Amazon, $75.77

—Jon Sienkiewicz


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grgurb's picture

I just received the lens mug for my birthday last week, great gifts!

Jon Sienkiewicz's picture

Thanks. We hope you have many more birthdays.