6 Fun & Easy Photography Projects That Will Expand Your Skills (VIDEO)

We all tend to get a bit stale on occasion, shooting the same types of images over and over again, instead of stepping outside our comfort zone to try something new. And that tends to limit our vision and stunt our growth as photographers.

If the above sounds familiar, the quick video below should snap you out of the doldrums, provide a healthy dose of creativity, and motivate you to try something different. Along the way, you’re likely to capture some great images and expand your bag of tricks.

Canadian photographer Jacques Gaines has a broad range of skills, and an eclectic approach to image making. And in this eight-minute tutorial he suggests six fun and easy photo projects for you to try this weekend and in the days ahead. So watch the video, get inspired, and give yourself an assignment that you’ve never tried in the past.

You’ll watch Gaines on a photo walk in the beautiful city of Quebec, and he begins by suggesting that you choose a theme and commit yourself to shooting at least one photo per day. The topic can be anything from “Mornings in the month of February,” to compiling a photo journal of your friends or family. What’s important isn’t the theme, but rather the discipline this type of self-challenge provides. And it’s a great way to record the passage of time.

Another fun project, and one I often do myself, is what Gaines refers to as “gear restrictions.” This one helps you think outside the box by limiting yourself to a specific piece of equipment—perhaps a fixed focal length lens that you rarely use. It’s amazing what you can accomplish, for example, when you go out shooting with nothing more than your camera and an ultra-wide lens.

You’ll find yourself seeing things differently, while making images you may not have considered, if you had a full bag of equipment over your shoulder. The other projects Gaines suggests are equally easy to accomplish, and they’ll open up a whole world of new possibilities that will take your photography to the next level.

After watching the video, head over to Gaines’ YouTube channel for more great advice. And speaking of doing things differently, be sure to check out our recent tutorial with several unusual image-editing tips that deliver creative results.