5 Ways to Get Great Photos from a Simple Point-and-Shoot Camera with a Small Sensor (VIDEO)

You don't, necessarily, need a big clunky camera with a big clunky interchangeable lens to shoot great photos. In fact, you really can get fabulous photos from a simple "point-and-shoot" camera with a small imaging sensor about the size of your fingernail. You just might need a few helpful pointers.

In the below video photographer Miguel Quiles teams up with photographer Taylor Jackson to share five ways to get fantastic photos from a pocket-sized point-and-shoot. Here are the five tips the duo share in the below video while shooting with the Sony RX100 V, which has a 1-inch sensor:

#1 Shoot with a lot of light

#2 Shoot in Raw or Raw + JPEG

#3 Don't Use Pop-Up Flash If Possible

#4 Shoot on the Long End of Your Lens

#5 Highlight the "Hero" in Your Shot

Watch the quick and easy tutorial below and then go visit Quiles' channel for more great videos. You should also check out Jackson's channel as well.