5 Tricks that BREAK the Rules in Photography to Capture Awesome Images (VIDEO)

There are lots of so-called rules in photography established over centuries of shooting. But, as the saying goes, rules are made to be broken! And in photography, when you break the rules it can often lead to some very interesting images.

In the below video, our friends at COOPH share five ways you should break the rules of photography to capture extraordinary images.

"Most photographers are after those 'perfect' images and painstakingly try to avoid shots that are slightly flawed," COOPH says. "But sometimes the imperfect ones, the ones somewhat out of the ordinary, the ones that share a different and fresh approach are the best. In this video, the COOPH photographers show you how to get unique and extraordinary photos."

Here are the ways that COOPH encourages you to break the rules in photography:

#1 Wrong Exposure

#2 Crooked Horizon

#3 Blur

#4 Wrong Lens

#5 Out of Focus

Check out the quick, easy and fun tutorial below and then go out and break the rules in photography on your own. Why not? What do you have to lose?