5 Secrets to Get CRISP Photos Every Time (VIDEO)

Your photos might be sharp but are they crisp? Because if they’re not crisp, they might lose some of their impact and look a bit blah.

But what is crispiness in photography how do you make your photos look crisp? As usual, travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert has some great advice in the below video titled “5 Secrets to Get Crisp Photos Easy!”

“Crisp photos are completely different from sharp photos because sharpness just has to do with the fact that your subject is frozen and that you have the right focus,” Lambert says. “So, what is crispiness exactly? Well, you might know what I’m talking about: it’s more like a feeling. When you look at a photo, you feel like it’s really high quality, you feel like it’s popping out of that screen.”

How does one achieve crispiness in a photo? Here are Lambert’s five tips to get crisp photos easy.

#5 Clean Gear

#4 Use the Right Light

#3 Edit

#2 Export Right

#1 Use the Right Display

Check out the video where he explains all of these tips for getting crispy photos and then go visit his great YouTube channel for more photography advice.