5 Minutes to Better Outdoor Portraits with This Simple Off-Camera Flash Tutorial (VIDEO)

Yesterday we shared a video demonstrating how to balance window light with flash for better indoor portraits. Today’s tutorial explains how to use off-camera flash for more pleasing results outdoors.

Vanessa Joy is a successful wedding photographer who says, “My goal is to create timeless images for families to cherish.” In the five-minute tutorial below she demonstrates how to maintain the look of natural light when using flash to provide more control over the illumination of an outdoor scene.

Joy begins by describing how to arrive at an initial exposure based upon ambient light levels. She then adds an off-camera flash in the TTL mode and explains how to position the strobe, pose her subjects, and balance out the light.

After her initial shot, Joy makes a series of adjustments to add a bit of flare and “dimension” to the image. The result is a series of really nice portraits. You can find more helpful videos on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel, and be sure to watch yesterday’s tutorial on balancing flash and window light for better indoor portraits.