3 Photographers Shoot the Same Model & Compare Results (Another Take on This Popular Challenge)

The video portrait challenge where three photographers shoot the same model and then compare the results has been popularized by photographer Jessica Kobeissi on her excellent YouTube channel. Now photographer Sheldon Evans has gotten into the act and done his variation on this fun photography challenge, which you can see below.

In the clip, Evans is joined by photographer Jessica Amdur and Ricardo Lategan, who all shoot model Maya Boraine in the below video.

“Today we did something a little different, three photographers shoot the same model,” Evans says. “Why? Well, we wanted to show you that it doesn't matter what gear you have, where you are or what you shoot, it all comes down to your personal style. You can take a completely different photo to someone else even if you have the exact same model, same styling and same location because it's up to you as a photographer to create something unique and different. Super huge shout out to Jessica Kobeissi for the idea. She started this and we hope that others follow along too and create together. Creativity thrives on collaboration, so get your friends together, go out and shoot!”

Watch more of Evans’ photography videos on his YouTube channel. Below we’ve included links to videos where Kobeissi has pioneered the format of several photographers shooting the same model. Enjoy!

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