3 Great Tips for Booking Photography Projects and Events You Actually WANT to Shoot (VIDEO)

If you’re a working photographer, you might as well spend your time shooting lucrative projects that actually interest you, right? If this sounds a bit too good to be true, watch this video and you’ll pick up some valuable tips on how to do just that.

The video below comes from Mango Street, a great source of no-nonsense photography tutorials that “don’t waste your time,” and explains how to turn work into fun by consistently booking your dream jobs. Rachel and Daniel explain the value of self-financed “styled projects” and the occasional pro bono gig for building your portfolio, and the importance of being selective about the images you share on your website or via social media.

They also offer some great advice on pitching prospective clients who don’t market themselves effectively on Instagram. You can find more helpful tips on the Mango Street YouTube channel. And if you missed their posing tutorial we shared last week on turning friends into portrait models, be sure to take a look.