10 Tips for Great Landscape Photographs from Top Pros Nick Page and Thomas Heaton (VIDEO)

There’s always something to learn about improving one’s landscape photography, and what better way to up your game than with some great tips from top pros Nick Page and Thomas Heaton?

In the video below from PhotographyTV, Page and Heaton share the secrets to their success with 10 helpful tips. Page is a freelance Washington State photographer specializing in landscapes, portraiture and architecture, while Heaton is a British travel, landscape and nature photographer.

Heaton and Page are both known for exceptional imagery, as well as an ability to teach their techniques to others. The tips in this video were pulled from a longer interview with Page you can watch here, and a lengthy discussion with Heaton here.

After watching the video below, be sure to check out our recent story with seven landscape photography tips from French pro Serge Ramelli. You can find more interesting videos from PhotographyTV on their YouTube channel.