10 Common Beginner Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them (VIDEO)

Beginner photographers, take notice. There are probably many things you’re doing wrong, and you don’t even know it. The good news is help is on the way, in the form of the below video from photographer, filmmaker and travel vlogger Sawyer Hartman.

In the video, Hartman gets straight to the point, explaining 10 beginner photography mistakes and how to fix them. Here are the 10 tips:

#1 Be Background Conscious

#2 Stop Shooting in Auto

#3 Be Careful with Your Colors

#4 Shoot in Raw

#5 Lens Choice Is Everything

#6 Overexposing Your Photos

#7 Capture the Moment

#8 Not Painting with Light

#9 Taking the Safe & Obvious Photograph

#10 Use Presets

We’ve featured photography videos from Sawyer Hartman before including this one where he show how he makes incredible “living photos.” You can check out more of his great clips on his YouTube channel.

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