“Popabrella” Protection System

Popabrella is a uniquely designed umbrella and mount system that connects directly to the tripod socket of any compact point and shoot digital or digital video camera. Popabrella can be adjusted to just about any position because of its patented 360° ball-socket and slide system. It not only helps to protect your camera from the elements but it can also be used as an excellent tool for reducing lens flare. Popabrella can also easily mount to any standard tripod and will fold up into a convenient size that will tuck neatly away into your camera bag.

PRObrella, Popabrella's big brother, is a larger version of Popabrella that was designed with the professional photographer in mind. It has all of the same features as Popabrella but also includes some extra bells and whistles; PRObrella is a larger more durable system that designed to be used with a 35mm or digital SLR camera. PRObrella's umbrella comes lined with a silver reflective coating that can also be used as a bounce flash umbrella which will enlarge and diffuse your light source to reduce harsh shadows.

Popabrella and PRObrella can be found at photo retailers nationwide, priced between $24.99 and $34.99. Popabrella and PRObrella are distributed by OmegaSatter, based outside of Baltimore, MD.