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Cynthia Boylan  |  Nov 14, 2014  |  0 comments

Photoshop hall-of-famer, author and noted digital imaging pro Martin Evening recently updated this popular guide to include detailed instructions for the recent updates to Photoshop CC (Adobe’s Creative Cloud). The book includes a variety of new features such as: Focus Area selections, enhanced Content-Aware filling, Spin and Path Blur gallery effects.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Oct 07, 2014  |  0 comments

In decades past, barbershops were a vital part of every American community. At that time the Barber’s responsibilities included far more than just trimming hair and beards, he was often the town’s only surgeon and dentist. Unfortunately times have changed and this once common sight has become very rare. 

Cynthia Boylan  |  Nov 20, 2014  |  0 comments

Born in Toronto Canada, Douglas Kirkland used his talent for photography to build a successful career that spans 60 years. Starting out with Look magazine, Kirkland then moved on to Life magazine where he became a photojournalist. This provided him with the exciting opportunity to explore such places as Greece, Lebanon and Japan. This position soon took him to Hollywood where he worked with stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and be on the set while iconic films like 2001 A Space Odyssey were being created. 

Cynthia Boylan  |  Oct 03, 2014  |  0 comments

Signs are equal parts art and science because they must deliver information to potential customers at a single glance. Signs can be found everywhere—in every city and town around the world—and each one must be designed to be as eye catching and memorable as possible while still maintaining a certain level of cultural identity.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Oct 17, 2014  |  0 comments

Hollywood, is so much more than just a spot on the map. Hollywood is a well-oiled machine, a fantastic dream factory where stars are born and ideas become reality on celluloid. This book offers a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes of films such as Some Like It Hot, Psycho, Dirty Harry, The Godfather, Taxi Driver, The Thing, Wall Street, The Crow and many more. Images captured on the set—and some candid moments caught between scenes—are all presented in the form of contact sheets, the direct prints that photographers used in pre-digital days to edit their work.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Nov 06, 2014  |  0 comments

Nearly every culture holds the horse in high regard. Symbolic of strength and freedom, these majestic and intelligent animals strike a certain cord with people. We all seem to have an almost instinctive bond with them even if we’ve never been in close contact with a horse before. Renowned equine photographer, Tony Stromberg became aware of the phenomena after the publication of his first books Spirit Horses and The Forgotten Horses. The feedback he received was filled with glowing praise for his work and expressions of deep feelings of respect (and even love) for the horses. This information amazed Stromberg and inspired him to explore the healing aspect of this relationship through the art of photography.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Sep 11, 2014  |  0 comments

From the 50s into the 80s, nearly everyone had a Polaroid instant camera at home and most of our family pictures were captured with one. We all had a great time with this ingenious device because it was easy to use, economic and provided fast results. Polaroid cameras were also an indispensible tool of pro photographers before the invention of LCD screens and the ability to “chimp” the shot. 

Cynthia Boylan  |  Nov 04, 2014  |  0 comments

Although photography has always been his one real passion, life initally took Michael Reichmann in another career direction. Over the years, Reichmann held various positions in the field of telecommunications and computer software and it was there that he found success but he also made time to stay involved in photography through extensive writing for various magazines and teaching part time. 

Cynthia Boylan  |  Sep 11, 2014  |  0 comments

These days we consider dogs, cats (and other animals, both large and small) to be much more than just pets, they are our beloved four-legged friends and full-fledged members of the family. Many pet parents have often wondered what the world looks like from their fuzzy pal’s unique vantage point. What do they do when we aren’t around and where do they go? Questions like these are answered in the book Petcam: The World Through the Lens of our Four-Legged Friends by Chris Keeney.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Nov 10, 2014  |  0 comments

Photography: The Definitive Visual History is a true celebration of the greatest photographs and photographers from around the world. This is a lavishly illustrated visual history of photography (from its start in the 1820s to the present day) written and curated by world-renowned photographer, writer and broadcaster Tom Ang.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Aug 29, 2014  |  0 comments

The mid-1970s was a time of musical transformation in New York City’s hot underground club scene. Glam was fading away and being replaced with the raw, bold sounds of Punk. New bands were being formed and drawing the attention of legions of eager fans. It was an explosion of creativity and (musician and photographer) Paul Zone was there to witness it all. Zone spent his teen years exploring the sights and sounds of famous clubs like CBGB and Max’s Kansas City while other kids his age only dreamed of being there.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Nov 19, 2014  |  0 comments

Author, pro photographer and educator Jeff Smith owns and operates two successful portrait studios and has written a number of helpful photography guides. In this book titled Portrait Pro: What You MUST Know to Make Photography Your Career, Smith uses his years of experience and expertise to help others learn the best ways to build and grow a successful business as a portrait photographer.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Sep 22, 2014  |  0 comments

For 15 years Grant Scott worked as an art director of photography books and magazines and in 2000 he decided to make the transition to professional photographer. This background—and his years of extensive experience in the field—provided Scott with a solid perspective on the fast paced, every changing world of photography. His book, Professional Photography: The New Global Landscape Explained is a valuable handbook designed to guide photographers through the complex maze that is the international marketplace and help them thrive there.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Oct 15, 2014  |  0 comments

The Terminal Bar opened its doors in New York City for the first time in 1958 and was located just across the street from the Port Authority bus terminal, near (world famous) Times Square. In 1972, Sheldon (Shelly) Nadelman began working there as a bartender and stayed for the next ten-years until it closed in 1982. Featured in the iconic Scorsese film Taxi Driver, at that time the Terminal Bar was know for being one of the roughest dive bars in the city.

Cynthia Boylan  |  Oct 21, 2014  |  0 comments

It is said that everything is big in the great state of Texas and that certainly includes the rugged sense of individualism and the independent spirit of those who live there. Michael O’Brien is well known for being one of America’s top portrait photographers. In his latest book, The Face of Texas, he presents us with a wonderful collection of finely crafted portraits featuring unique Texans (both native and naturalized).