Replichrome I: Icon Software Offers Digital Emulations Of Popular Film Stocks

These days, digital technology dominates the world of photography and it has become nearly impossible to locate the film stocks we once loved and relied upon. Don’t give up hope just yet, Totally Rad has come to our rescue with their Replichrome I: Icon software. Offering a wide selection of presets that expertly duplicate the most iconic films from Kodak and Fuji you may now create images with the same look you once got from film.

You may choose between various types of Kodak (color and B&W) and Fuji films (color) or pick a look from the Customize list that includes different variations of B&W, Color, Curve, Grain, Sharpen and Vignette. Totally Rad’s Replichrome I: Icon is available for just $99.

Photo by Sarah Vasquez

The Replichrome I: Icon presets include:

Kodak Color Film

Ektar 100 (Frontier & Noritsu)

Portra 160 (Frontier & Noritsu)

Portra 400 (Frontier & Noritsu)

Portra 800 (Frontier & Noritsu)

Fuji Color Film

Fuji Pro 160C (Frontier & Noritsu)

Pro 160S (Frontier & Noritsu)

Pro 400H (Frontier & Noritsu)

Pro 800Z (Frontier & Noritsu)

Reala 100 (Frontier & Noritsu)

Kodak Black & White Film

BW 400CN

Plus-X 125

T-Max 3200

Tri-X 400

More info on Totally Rad! here.

Mannock's picture

It would be so nice to have orthochromatic simulation.