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Picture This! -- Our Next Assignment

Directional Light
Our next Picture This! assignment is "Directional Light." Whether skimming across a rough surface to enliven texture, or coming from "off-center" to reveal new forms within the frame, the direction of light has a profound effect on the dimensional quality of our images. Bathed in flat, "over the shoulder" light, exposure is easy, especially with the automated exposure systems of today. But directional light forces us to consider how highlight and shadow play, and how to expose to bring out the best in each subject. This image was made within steep canyon walls, with the light coming from 90Þ up and to the left of the center of the frame. The natural "bounce" was enough to fill the shadows, while the highlight area was read with a center-weighted metering pattern.

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5) Please submit no more than three photos for consideration.

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Our next topic:
It's What's Up Front That Counts: Lens Effects--Super Wide, Fisheye, Distortion, Super Depth Of Field
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