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It's a colorful world, and photographers have the distinct pleasure of being able to frame compositions that play colors off against one another to create form and design. How those colors array themselves can add so much to a picture's visual pleasure. Using complementary, supplementary, and even clashing colors, pictures can excite the eye and bring pleasure to all who view them. This month's assignment was just that--Color Play--and readers responded with some dazzling images.

Shadow Play: There's nothing like a freshly painted wall to dazzle the eyes, and Joanna C. Pecha caught all the richness of these offsetting colors in a composition that used a strong shadow to add emphasis to this abstract scene. She used a Nikon D1X camera with a Nikkor 80-400mm VR lens and shot at an equivalent of ISO 400.
© 2002, Joanna C. Pecha, All Rights Reserved

Abstract DuoChrome: Larry Anthony Pannell sent us a great series of images from his trip to Baja, Mexico, with this yellow/blue composition being the one that grabbed our eyes. He photographed with a Mamiya C330 camera with a 250mm lens on Fujichrome Provia 100 film.
© 2002, Larry Anthony Pannell, All Rights Reserved


On The Shelf: Michael Little wrote: "When I was young bibles were black, with the exception of an occasional great big white one. The only black bible in this picture is the `photographer's bible,' Barbara London and John Upton's `Photography.'" This image was made with a Canon D30 and Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens and printed on an HP DeskJet 842C.
© 2002, Michael Little, All Rights Reserved


Casino Ceiling: Paul Lenz wrote: "During a visit to Las Vegas an almost irresistibly colorful and gaudy ceiling appeared. Lacking a tripod I had to rest the camera on the floor and sprawl next to it." The result of that valiant effort was photographed with a Nikon N60 camera and Tokina 19-35mm zoom lens on Agfa HDC 200 Plus film. Exposure was f/8 at 1/15 sec.
© 2002, Paul Lenz, All Rights Reserved

Pastel Pastiche: Deborah Gillham found a range of pastel tones at Disney's Epcot, and used her Nikon N80 camera and Tamron
28-200mm lens with Kodak Elite Chrome 100 film to array them against the soft
blue sky.
© 2002, Deborah Gillham, All Rights Reserved

Through Glass Brightly: Daniel Hurst adapted his Nikon D1X with an old bellows and mounted a Rodenstock enlarger lens to provide this unique selective focus effect. His exposure was f/8 at 1/125 sec and the print was made on an Epson Stylus 2200 printer.
© 2002, Daniel Hurst, All Rights Reserved


Big Red: Robert P. Jones' image of this Red Suit almost jumped out of the package in which it was delivered. He photographed with a Minolta 600si and Tamron 28-200mm lens on Kodak Royal Gold 200 film. He then scanned the image into Photoshop 7 and printed on an Epson 1270.
© 2002, Robert P. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Soft Petals: With all the bright and bold colors we've chosen we just had to do our own Color Play, and we thought that this beautiful rose would do the trick. Jian Wen Chin made this image with a Sony Cyber-shot 505 with an exposure of f/4 at 1/115 sec.
© 2002, Jian Wen Chin, All Rights Reserved

© 2002, George Schaub, All Rights Reserved

Picture This! - Our Next Assignment

America The Beautiful

W e thought we'd celebrate our nation's birthday in the July issue with pictures that show the sublime beauty that makes us so proud of our land. T he vast spaces and open sky of our country present many opportunities for great images. As you travel around this season keep an eye open for pictures that tell a story about the grandeur of the U.S.A. and bring the beauty home on film. This image was made during a brewing thunderstorm over the Sangre de Christo mountains in Northern New Mexico. It was photographed with a Pentax 67 on Agfa Scala black and white slide film. Exposure was f/11 at 1/250 sec.

It is important that you read and follow these guidelines.

We need to follow this procedure because of the large volume of images we receive.

1) Images sent to us cannot be returned. You retain complete copyright over the images, but do grant us permission to print your image(s) in the magazine and on our web site, www.shutterbug.net

2) Because images are not returned please send a quality print or duplicate transparency. We will not accept or view images on CD, ZIP, or any other electronic media.

3) Images will be selected on the basis of content and technical quality. Please mark your outer envelope with the topic of the month (for example, "Wide View").

4) Enclose a short caption with the image stating camera, lens, film and exposure, plus location. If you are submitting an image with a recognizable person we must have a model release or signed permission from that person to reproduce their image in the magazine and on the web site.

Send your image and information to:
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Deadline for submission: July 15, 2003.
Images will appear in our October 2003 issue.
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Deadline: August 15, 2003.
Publication Date: November, 2003