New Phottix Mitros TTL and Mitros+ TTL Flash Units for Sony Cameras Introduced

OmegaBrandess recently introduced the Phottix Mitros and Mitros+ TTL flashes designed with the proprietary Sony multi-interface hotshoe.

 The two new Phottix flash units fit the multi-interface hotshoe that is found on newer Sony cameras, and the flash units communicate with the camera in order to operate as a system.

The Mitros+ was developed with input from pro photographers and both Mitros models share many features, including a guide number of 58, full TTL functionality, Manual and Multi modes, Auto/Manual Flash Head Zoom (with 180˚ rotation and 97˚ tilt), high speed sync and rear curtain sync, manual and bracketed flash exposure compensation, Quick Flash mode—with a 0.1-2.5 sec recharge time—a USB port for firmware upgrades and a 3.5mm sync port.
The Phottix Mitros+ adds functionality, allowing photographers to use it on or off the camera for lighting, and control/trigger a remote flash using radio signals.


GN: 58 TTL Flash

Built-in: Phottix Odin transmitter/receiver, Strato II receiver

Optical slave

Sony-compatible Master/Slave IR triggering modes

TTL, Manual and Multi Stroboscopic modes

High speed sync and second curtain sync

AF assist light

Flash zoom: 24-105mm

External battery port, 3.5mm sync port

The suggested retail price for the Mitros TTL is $349.99 and the Mitros+ TTL Flash for Sony is $449.99.

More info on the new flash units here.