New Tripods From Manfrotto

Manfrotto is just added two new models to their popular tripod lineup: the 535 Single Leg tripod (MVT535AQ) and the Hi-Hat tripod (MVT535HH). The Hi-Hat tripod was designed for low-level or ground shooting, slider support and tabletop applications. Crafted from strong, durable aluminum, both models are easy to use and ideal for videographers.

The MVT535AQ model features an additional 4th leg section that allows it to be very compact. The maximum height is 67.3” and the tripod’s leg angle selector (23˚, 50˚, 70˚) allows you to easily adjust it from eye level to ground level (just 8.9” tall). The 535 supports up to 44 pounds and can be used with a number of video heads because it comes with a 75mm half-bowl and Manfrotto’s MVA060T adapter which converts the bowl down to 60mm.

The 535 Single Leg MVT535AQ tripod has a retail value of $367 and the Hi-Hat MVT535HH is $267 (kits are also available).

More info on Manfrotto here.