3 Legged Thing Continues to Revolutionize Tripod Versatility & Convenience, Intros New Ultra Plates

A tripod is the only accessory that makes every image sharper. Premium British tripod manufacturer 3 Legged Thing just introduced accessories that greatly expand tripod applications for all content creators: the 3 Legged Thing Ultra Plates. There's also an accessory for these new accessories: The Thingy.

3 Legged Thing Ultra Plates (and the chance to score a Thingy) are being offered on Kickstarter NOW. Backers who pledge within the first 48 hours receive bonus discounts.

3 Legged Thing Ultra Plates comprise a set of Arca-Swiss compatible extended-span release plates in four lengths from about 6 to 12 inches (150 to 300mm). They allow photographers and videographers to mount a variety of different items, including cameras, microphones, monitors and lights, to a single plate for greater control and more convenient use. Spotting scopes and binoculars can be attached for wildlife work.

Constructed from single billets of anodized aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, Ultra Plates provide several features that enable camera gear and accessory setups that satisfy the individually unique needs of content creators, photographers and filmmakers.

Why They're So Useful
1. Like any Arca-Swiss compatible baseplate, at the basic level, 3 Legged Thing Ultra Plates allow you to quickly attach your camera securely and easily to a tripod head. Even the shortest (5.9-inch) Ultra Plate is better than the small square baseplate that comes with most tripods because it provides a more rigid platform and allows lateral movement. It also allows the camera to sit level on a flat surface when not attached to a tripod.

2. Because of the Ultra Plates' innovative design, content creators and filmmakers can manage cable routing and attach other accessories (lights, monitors, selfie mirrors, etc.).

3. Wildlife and sports photographers can deploy the optional accessory "The Thingy" to the end of the Ultra Plate to create a more stable platform for cameras with long lenses.

The 12-inch 3 Legged Thing Ultra Plate solved a minor but annoying problem for me by turning my 3LT Charles 2.0 tripod into a boom arm. ©Jon Sienkiewicz

4. You can attach two cameras side-by-side on the longest (11.8-inch) plate to shoot with different focal lengths or to try your hand at homebrew stereo* photography.

(*You're on your own, stereo fanatics—results are not guaranteed. But if you can make it work, tell Shutterbug about it.)

My Take After Using Ultra Plates for 30+ Days
No owner's manual needed, 3LT Ultra Plates are straightforward and intuitive to put into action. A minute or two spent configuring the accessories makes complicated setups a breeze. If you frequently use a particular arrangement, Ultra Plates facilitate consistently repeatable configurations.

Only 3 Legged Thing could create an accessory that's so simple yet so useful. 3LT's Ultra Plates expand the functionality of any tripod, plus they're gorgeous and exceptionally well made.

Ultra Plates are available in 3 Legged Thing’s signature colors: Copper (orange) and Darkness (matte black) and are being launched through 3 Legged Thing’s first-ever Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Deets and Link
Backers who pledge their support in the first 48 hours will enjoy extra discounts via exclusive Early Bird bundle offers. Throughout the Kickstarter campaign, generous discounts from the anticipated street price will be available. Visit 3 Legged Thing's Kickstarter pages for pricing and updated delivery information.

Additionally, backers who pledge support will have access to The Thingy, one of the coolest gadgets we've seen in years.

Shutterbug virtually never reports on products that are still offered only via crowdfunding, but 3LT deserves an exception because of their unparalleled history of producing exciting, innovative, high-quality products with very weird names.

Bottom Line
Leave it to 3 Legged Thing to create an accessory that significantly expands the functionality of a tool savvy photographers use regularly — the tripod. 3LT's Ultra Plates are a Must Have. And if you shoot long lenses, The Thingy is just the thingy for you.

3 Legged Thing Store
To browse and buy other 3 Legged Thing products, visit the 3 Legged Thing Store on Amazon.

—Jon Sienkiewicz


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