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Here are 10 tips to follow before you dial up ebay. And BTW — most of these apply to food photography, too, if you Instagram your meals. This story is smartphone compatible.

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Need an awesome camera strap? Now you have another color option from Peak Design.

Our new Choosing Wisely series aims to deliver concise, summarized information about products we think you'll like.

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High-quality 10mm ultra-wideangle f/2.0 lens for way less than 200 bucks? Are you serious? We took a hard look at TTArtisan's $159 all-metal 10mm f/2 ASPH manual-manual lens for APS-C format cameras. Here's what we think.

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In addition to the usual suspects, we've rounded up a couple lesser-known options. It's time to get those images off your phone and out into the world for others to enjoy.

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Less than one month after announcing their plans to acquire US cinema camera manufacturer, LLC, Nikon stunned the photographic industry by declaring that they've consummated the acquisition of Konica-Minolta, a leading manufacturer of business technology and office products.

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Who can resist the sumptuous appeal of a finely-crafted, genuine leather bag? Combined with elegant styling and superb workmanship, the common camera sling can be elevated to an explicit work of art, an everlasting leather heirloom, even. GRAMS(28), a Hong Kong-based leather goods brand, offers the 172 Camera Sling, a gorgeous and roomy camera shoulder bag that delivers on these potentials. That said, some questionable construction decisions may mar its appeal to ardent photographers. Hear me out…

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Emerging directly from the "Why didn't I think of that?" category, legendary filter manufacturer and distributor of popular photo accessories Tiffen just announced an inexpensive adapter that allows users to mount 58mm filters on Apple 14- and 15-series iPhones. Leveraging Apple's MagSafe Technology, the new adapter expands creative opportunities for high-end smartphone users.

Shutterbug's new Choosing Wisely series aims to deliver concise, summarized information about products we think you'll like. Here's how Choosing Wisely evaluates the Tiffen Smartphone 58mm Filter Mount. (Spoiler alert: it's brilliant.)

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Photo Walks are in. As we welcome spring to our part of the world, photo walks should be on your radar. But he who hesitates is lost wandering the streets alone. For example, Ricoh Imaging recently announced a photo walk in Las Vegas via an email blast. Slated for April 6, the event sold out with lightning speed. Thankfully, Ricoh has more walks at other locations in the works. Similarly, Fujifilm and Luminar Neo recently shared plans for 50 photo walks throughout the US. If you hope to participate in a photo walk, you must monitor the schedules and act FAST. Let's unpack this.

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A tripod is the only accessory that makes every image sharper. Premium British tripod manufacturer 3 Legged Thing just introduced accessories that greatly expand tripod applications for all content creators: the 3 Legged Thing Ultra Plates. There's also an accessory for these new accessories: The Thingy.

3 Legged Thing Ultra Plates (and the chance to score a Thingy) are being offered on Kickstarter NOW. Backers who pledge within the first 48 hours receive bonus discounts.

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Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and other top-tier camera and lens makers offer refurbished products directly to end users via special pages on their website. You can save some dough, but do you want to own a renewed product? Let's unpack this…