New Photo Show: Confessions For A Son

SlowExposures 2014 (an annual event created to celebrate photography of the rural South) will be host to the Confessions for a Son exhibit. Featuring a selection of images from photographer Millford Evans’ book of the same name, the show will be on view from September 19 to 28 at the R.F. Strickland Building, 144 Main Street in Concord, GA. The accompanying pre-publication book signing will be held on September 21 from 12:30 to 1:30pm. 

Traveling back to his childhood home in Laurinburg, North Carolina in 2010, photographer McNair Evans sought to retrace his late father’s life and legacy. It was a journey of healing and understanding. After his father’s death nine years earlier, devastating secrets came to light. The family farming business—that had endured for five generations—was on the verge of collapse. This traumatic situation had a negative impact on the financial and emotional stability of the family.

Born from Evans' desire to understand his father’s actions, Confessions for a Son is a heartfelt, multi-layered photographic narrative that explores the artist’s feelings of love and loss. His journey took him from the farms where he and his father hunted to his father’s college dorm room. Evans photographed family members and businesses while researching his father’s character and actions. This information gave him a fresh look at his father, allowing him to leave his anger behind and embrace a newfound understanding.

(Image: Truck by McNair Evans)

Confessions for a Son; by McNair Evans; Owl & Tiger Books; $49.95 (ISBN: 978-0-692-24482-1)

More info on the exhibit here.

More info on the book here.