Powerful "Norwegian Hallucinations" Images by Manneraak on Display This Month

The powerful work of Norwegian photographer and artist S. Manneraak will be on display this month in a unique exhibition titled "Norwegian Hallucinations. Canoe Studios, which is hosting the show, partnered with Legion Paper to put on the exhibition.

All of Manneraak's images in the show have been printed on Moab’s new Slickrock Metallic Silver paper and face-mounted onto acrylic. The results should be quite stunning. This will mark the first fine art photography show produced entirely on Moab's latest metallic paper. (Moab is a subsidiary of Legion Paper.)

Norwegian Hallucinations is an immersion into the artist’s impressions and experiences throughout a lifelong relationship with nature—its roughness and wistfulness. The show embraces the mythical landscape which manifests itself in the human mind during a sometimes lonely meeting between nature’s mystery and beauty, as well as the visual, spiritual experience created after days and nights without the benefit of sleep and food.

Manneraak's artwork merges the mysterious Norwegian heritage with the artist's personal expression through mixed techniques. The most prominent is blending photos and acrylic paint. Then the artworks are printed onto the Moab metallic paper.


The photographer and artist S.Manneraak is up and coming in the art world after several years as a well known fashion photographer with clients worldwide. After great success in the commercial business, Manneraak wants to reinvent his artistic side with a new name and a broader approach to concepts and the art of photography.

In addition to photography and painting, he is experimenting with other expressions through film, graphics and sculptures. Manneraak's exhibit will be held at Canoe Studios, 601 W 26th Street, Suite 1465, New York, NY 10001 from October 26 to November 4th.


Manneraak had his debut in the Norwegian State Exhibition in 2004, and since then he has had several separate exhibitions in Norway and abroad. The artist has sold his artwork to private and public collections in Norway.

The Norwegian Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry, as well as the Major of Bergen, all have a Manneraak artwork on their walls, the Bergen Naeringsraad, the Bergen Board of Industry, commissioned the artwork. One highlight of this year is that Chanel decorated their headquarters in Paris with a large Manneraak artwork printed on Slick Rock Moab metal paper.