Meet the Lume Cube: A Portable, External Flash and Video Light for Small Cameras and Smartphones

The new Lume Cube is a portable, versatile 1,500-lumen external flash and video light made for use with the GoPro Hero (or any digital camera), iPhone and Android smartphones. Featuring a simple mobile interface, the Lume Cube allows you to capture better images in low light situations, allowing for more creative opportunities for photographers of all skill levels. 

Simply use the app (iPhone or Android) to control the brightness, duration, Flash or Video mode and connect/control 5 lights at once. The Earth Magnet, Discrete Suction and 1/4 20 mount allow users to place the Lume Cube almost anywhere to add light where you need it.

The features include:

Capture, store and share your images directly from the Lume Cube app

Dimmable between 0—1500 lumens

1/4 20 mount for attachment to tripods and action camera accessories

Easily sync as a slave flash via the optical sensor

1.5-inch Cube encased in a water resistant silicone shell

Flash or Constant Video mode for the Gopro Hero camera or smartphone

Fully controllable Flash, Brightness, Duration via the smartphone app

The smartphone app allows users to control up to five Lume Cubes

Magnetically mount or suction mount to most surfaces 

Approxmately 2 hours of battery life with the USB Charger—one hour to fully charge the device 

Sold as a single unit, a two-pack or a six-pack (available in a variety of colors

Retail price will be $69.99. More info on the Lume Cube here.

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Finally, I've been waiting for something like this for so long. Love the fact that it's small enough for me to throw in a scene without being noticed. Anyone know how many you can link up to the app?