Is Instagram Dead? This Is the Best Alternative in 2022

Is Instagram still a good place to share your photography or has it been taken over by annoying short-form videos, aka "reels," much like one of its main rivals, TikTok? Or to put it more bluntly, is Instagram dead as a platform for serious photographers?

Daniel Inskeep of the popular photography YouTube channel, Mango Street, thinks Instagram has at the very least, changed its focus and that there's a better alternative many photographers may be overlooking.

"A lot of fuss has been made about Instagram's decline as a photo sharing app," Inskeep says. "It seems like the only way to grow on Instagram is to degrade yourself by making videos like this. But, if you're like us, you're too old and tired and reserved blowing your integrity for thumbnails like these. So that begs the question: if Instagram is dying where should photographers be sharing their work and interacting with people in the community? "

His answer may surprise you.

"Well, right now we think the best answer is Twitter," Inskeep states. "So, in this video we'll cover six tips to help you make the most of Twitter as a photographer."

#1 Post Multiple Times Per Day

#2 Don't Just Post Photos

#3 Consider the Crop

#4 Hashtags

#5 Interact Genuinely

#6 Your Profile

"There are a few reasons why Twitter has become the new social media home for many photographers," he explains.

"First, they allow you to upload your images in 4K resolution. That right there is a big upgrade from Instagram. Second, the platform is more conducive to discussion, mentioning other people in your tweets and, overall, more versatile in what you can post. Third, your tweets can more easily break out of the timeline of your followers and be seen by people who don't follow you."