ShiftCam ProGrip Makes Mobile Photography Precise & Secure While Charging Your Phone

You’ve no-doubt read about accessories that claim to ”turn your phone into a DSLR,” but let’s face it—nothing can do that. However, we recently tested the well-made ShiftCam ProGrip that does provide a more camera-like experience and offers mobile photographers an array of convenient features for added functionality.

The great thing about today’s sophisticated phones is that they’re capable of capturing great images, and there are numerous apps enabling you to edit and share photos with family and friends or on social media. That’s important when you’re out and about without a “real” camera, and come upon a scene deserving to be photographed.

The dilemma is that despite their robust imaging capabilities; the form factor of a phone simply isn’t conducive to efficient photography. And that’s where the ShiftCam ProGrip really delivers.

With a deep and secure grip comparable to those on DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, and a Bluetooth shutter release, the ProGrip provides the ease and familiarity of traditional cameras. The thoughtful, swiveling design also enables you to instantly rotate the camera to shoot in landscape or portrait orientation.

Featuring a universal, spring-loaded clamp, the ProGrip quickly adapts to whatever phone you have. Perhaps the most compelling feature is the built-in wireless Qi powerbank that keeps your phone’s battery topped off while on the go.

Like all Qi chargers, you can use the ProGrip to charge other Qi enabled devices. And there are bright LEDs in the substantial grip indicating charging status for convenience.

Another feature we like is that the ProGrip doubles as a solid desktop phone stand for use during Zoom calls and other online applications, without worrying about your phone running out of juice. The unit also features a cold shoe for mounting small lights and other accessories atop the grip.

At a price of $149.99, the highly versatile ProGrip does a great job of taking your mobile photography to the next level. The starter kit comes complete with the grip, USB-C cable, hand strap, cold shoe mount, and a nice storage pouch.

You can find complete details, see a variety of helpful accessories, and make a purchase by visiting the ShiftCam website.