Elinchrom Portable Compact Flash Unit

Elinchrom has introduced the Style 400 BX portable compact flash units. Two new inexpensive kits, street priced at $995 and $1098, incorporate the latest innovations in Multivoltage technology with all the accessories necessary to plug-in anywhere.

Featured in both kits, the EL 400 BXECON and EL 400 BX KIT, is the new Style BX 400 Multivoltage with automatic voltage detection from 90 V--260 V, a rapid recycle time of 1 sec. in a lightweight monobloc weighing only 4.3 lbs.. Additionally, both kits offer the new digitally stabilized 400BX monoblocs along with all the lighting equipment and accessories necessary for capturing the most demanding images while at the same time giving the photographer the ability to travel quick and light. The EL 400BXKIT adds two Manfrotto light stands and a convenient Stand Bag.

The new Style 400 BX Multivoltage compact flash unit features power ranges of 25 - 400 Ws and has the ability to work with 5 f-stops, ranging from 1/16 to 1/1. The 400 BX is lightweight, weighing only 4.3 pounds (1.95 kg) and is compact for in or out of studio use, with dimensions of 21 x 14cm (length x diameter). The new head kit includes a plug-in omega flashtube precisely positioned 20 mm from the internal reflector. The positioning helps avoid uneven illumination that often results from non-concentric or U-shaped flashtubes.

Web: www.bogenimaging.us

Note: A hi-res tiff file is also available at ftp://ftp.bogenimaging.us/artwork/Elinchrom. To download the file, simply place your mouse over the image labeled Elin_400BX_Kit.tif, right click and select the copy to folder option.