Don’t Be a CREEPY Male BOUDOIR Photographer (VIDEO)

We occasionally post tutorials on shooting boudoir images from both male and female experts in the craft. This particular episode is just for the dudes, with a delicate but important subject that needs to be addressed.

Boudoir is an increasingly popular style of portraiture, as more and more photographers learn about the genre. Women also seem more interested in giving photos to their significant others that showcase their physical attributes.

Unlike other tutorials we’ve posted in the past, this one from the Boudoir Guild isn’t about shooting and posing techniques, but rather how to go about this right with full respect for your subject. You may think this discussion only applies to beginners, some of whom are as interested in satisfying their prurient interests as they are about making great images. But sadly, some of what you’ll learn also applies to a few misguided “pros.”

For those just getting started the video below will set you on the correct path. If you consider yourself a pro, but are guilty of unprofessional behavior, it’s time to cut bait and find another career—or quickly change your habits so you don’t give others a bad name.

Mike Lloyd is a long-time pro who started out as a fashion photographer. He transitioned to boudoir, and has received much acclaim from both clients and other photographers who emulate his work. Putting it bluntly, Lloyd says, “I’ve heard too many horror stories from my female friends about creepy dudes with cameras.”

To help make sure you’re not that guy, whose primary goal is “hanging out with girls in underwear,” Lloyd presents several tips explaining how real boudoir photographers go about their craft. His advice should be self-evident because all of have mothers, and many of us have sisters. Sadly, it’s not, and perhaps you’re totally clueless about how your words and behavior affect female models.

So please suck it up, do a bit of self-reflection, evaluate your approach to shooting boudoir, and take Lloyd’s advice to heart. And don’t be a creeper.

There’s much more to learn about boudoir photography on Lloyd’s YouTube channel, and in an earlier tutorial of his demonstrating 10 flattering poses for subjects of all sizes and shapes.