These 3 Things Will Make Your Boudoir Photos Stand Out (VIDEO)

If you want to give your boudoir photos some excitement, just remember the three S’s. What are the three S’s, aka the SSS technique? They stand for Shadows, Shapes and Space.

Pro boudoir photographer Yuliya Panchenko explains how to employ the SSS technique in self-portrait boudoir photography in the below video.

“The main three elements of elegant boudoir photography are shadows, shapes, and space,” Panchenko says. “Shadows related to lighting, shapes related to posing, and space related to composition. In this video, I will show you how to apply all three elements in a one-shot self-portrait boudoir photo.”

#1 Shadows

“Why are we focusing on shadows and not highlights?” she asks. “Because when we are working on a boudoir image, we want to create a really nice dynamic image with lots of shadows and lots of contrast. And that’s why we need shadows. The best lighting technique to create shadows is side lighting with a strip soft box.”

#2 Shapes

“Shapes are related to posing. When we’re working on posing for boudoir, we’re looking for curves or S shapes. And we’re also looking for triangles or the V shapes. There are so many curves that we can find in women’s bodies that we have to highlight for boudoir.”

#3 Space

“Space is related to your composition. What makes a boudoir image really elegant and stand out is the negative space. Negative space is when there is no distraction around your subject and the viewer’s attention goes only on your subject. To give the negative space, just follow the rule of thirds.”