Show the World You’re Never Alone with the Hilariously Sad Selfie Arm

We make a lot of selfie stick-related jokes here at Shutterbug but we’ve never seen anything as hilariously depressing as the Selfie Arm. The invention, which we hope is meant as a satirical joke, is a fake arm that you can attach a smartphone or camera to for shooting self-portraits.

The twist is the Selfie Arm makes it look like someone is holding your hand while taking a photo of you, rather than you being all by your lonesome. The lightweight, fiberglass arm is the invention of artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe who seem to be making a statement about the sad narcissim of selfie sticks and selfies in general. Points taken.

The Selfie Arm is only a prototype now and it does not appear to be for sale. But give it time. If someone can create and market a “Belfie Stick,” we’re sure there’s an audience for this thing.

(Via Dangerous Minds and Nerdcore)

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This is silly! lol