Zoner Photo Studio X Unleashes Power of True HDR, Amplifies Benefits of Genuine High Dynamic Range

Full support for true HDR photography leads the list of multiple new features and improvements that now enhance Zoner Photo Studio X.

Unlike pseudo-HDR that uses tone-mapping or exposure bracketing to emulate an HDR effect, the 2024 Zoner Photo Studio X update leverages the expanded capabilities of modern monitors to display a greater dynamic range of light and deliver maximum brightness, detail and image gradation. It's an altogether different — and better —technology.

Among the other powerful new features, Zoner Photo Studio X now effectively obliterates chromatic aberration, facilitates 3D LUT handling, offers new keyboard shortcuts and includes improved video processing tools. And the upgrade is 100% free.

Enjoy True HDR
With the spring 2024 update, Zoner Photo Studio X is now the most comprehensive photo editor for true HDR photography. Starting today, with ZPS X users can use the full dynamic range of modern monitors that support HDR content. Note that most photographers already have an abundant source of HDR data in their libraries of Raw files.

ZPS X allows users to save both regular (Standard Dynamic Range) and HDR data in a single image for full backward compatibility with common monitors and browsers. And, users control which version (SDR or HDR) viewers see. Zonerama, Zoner's free-to-all image sharing and storage platform, has supported true HDR since June of 2023.

Images can be saved in various formats (e.g., JPEG, AVIF, JPEG XL). JPEG allows the use of gain maps, so users without HDR monitors will correctly see HDR edits. AVIF and JPEG XL file formats are HDR-only.

For a clear and concise explanation of true HDR, check out this short (4 min, 40 sec) video.

Ready to Jump in?
Zoner Photo Studio X for Windows 10 and 11 has been downloaded more than 10-million times and has earned prestigious awards for Best Photo Editing Software from the world-renowned TIPA and EISA associations. You can test drive all of the new features in Zoner Photo Studio X by downloading the full-powered, Free 7-Day Trial Version, (even if you've already tried the software before).

Goodbye Dreaded Purple Fringe
Chromatic Aberration, known to some as DPF, most often appears as purple or violet fringe along the contrasty, backlit edges of elements in an image. The most common cause is the inability of a lens to precisely focus all wavelengths of light to a single point. It can also be caused by reflections that intrude between the rear element of a lens and certain imaging sensors.

No matter what causes chromatic aberration in your images, Zoner Photo Studio X makes it go away.

Output 3D LUT for Final Color Tuning
Based on user requests, Zoner has added an effect 3D LUT at the end of the editing process. Their output is no longer affected by further editing, so they are useful for final color tweaking.

A 3D LUT is a Look Up Table that contains a comprehensive map of colors in a particular image. Users can adjust color values, map one color onto another, and other operations to tweak hue and saturation.

New Keyboard Shortcuts
Accelerate workflow and repetitive tasks via the new keyboard shortcuts that have been added to Zoner Photo Studio X. Users can assign new shortcuts on a per-module basis and control how shortcuts behave.

Rejected Photos
The Rejected Rating allows users to delete multiple images simultaneously, again speeding up workflow.

Video Processing Enhancements
ZPS X includes advanced transition effects plus color-coded markers with captions for more extensive editing and improved keyframe handling.

More Lenses & Cameras Supported
Support has been added for lenses and new cameras including the Canon EOS R100 and R10, Nikon Z8, Sony α9 III and α6700, Fujifilm X-S20 and X-H2, Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 II and DC-S1H, OM-1 Mark II, OM-5 and more.

There's More
Zoner Photo Studio X now includes the ability to create custom editing styles with new Develop Module effects. The Glow effect brightens highlights, making images more dramatic and emphasizing lens flare. The  Halation effect adds a retro look to images by creating a soft  glow around objects. Additionally, ZPS X now delivers finer 3D Grain.

Pro Features — but NOT for  Pros Only!
Zoner Photo Studio X is not just for professionals and advanced hobbyists. It's for all of us.

If you use almost any digital camera or high-quality smartphone and you’re getting some great shots and/or videos, Zoner Photo Studio X is your ticket to better imaging. ZPS X is a set of reliable photo editing tools you can put to work quickly and intuitively, and get results immediately. Zoner Photo Studio X makes every photo better. And it's very affordable — cheaper than a monthly latte, and the buzz lingers way longer.

Pricing & Free Stuff
Priced at just $5.99 per month (or $59 for 12 months), Zoner Photo Studio X is one of the best money-saving, genuine bargains available to photographers. Included at no cost (in fact, available even if you haven’t tried Zoner Photo Studio X yet) the Learn Tab on the Zoner website offers a robust assortment of how-to tutorials, videos and inspiring stories. ZPS X supports Windows 10 and 11.

Zoner also maintains Zonerama, the free-to-all online platform that provides users unlimited space to upload photos and videos where they’re securely stored and shared. Even if you are not a ZPS X user you can open an account on Zonerama. Tip: Zonerama is the perfect place to privately share spring graduation, summer vacation and other personal photos with family and friends in a secure, password-protected environment.

Who is Zoner Exactly?
With over 10,000,000 downloads from their website, Zoner is the real deal. Founded back in 1993 out of love for photography, the Zoner Photo Studio series is used by millions of photographers around the world – 100,000 in the US alone – from the ranks of absolute beginners to seasoned professionals. Zoner Inc’s corporate headquarters are located in the Czech Republic and the USA, with additional corporate offices located in North America, Central Europe, and Japan.

∞  Shutterbug Staff