This Is What the New Canon EOS R3 Camera Looks Like Up Close (VIDEO)

There was much buzz today about the forthcoming EOS R3, a full-frame mirrorless camera that Canon has teased with two recent development announcements. One person who actually got to see the Canon R3 up close is the UK-based journalist Gordon Laing, who shot the video below about his experiences around this highly anticipated camera.

And when we say his experiences "around" the camera, we mean it. Laing was permitted to pose near the EOS R3, but he was not allowed to actually touch it, as you'll see in the video.

"Canon has revealed a bunch of new details about the EOS R3 and even let me get reasonably close to a pre-production model although like earlier teasers, not actually go as far as to touch it," Laing says before running down the latest specs Canon released to the public today about the R3:

• Expanded low-light shooting capabilities with a low-light AF brightness range of EV-7.0

• 8 stops of coordinated image stabilization (IS) control (Optical IS + In-body IS) with RF lenses that feature Optical IS

• Up to approximately 30 frames per second (fps) continuous shooting in RAW is possible

• Added subject tracking by deep learning technology for motorsports (car/bike)

• Speedlite flash shooting with electronic shutter is possible

• Two card slots: CFExpress + SD

• 4K video shooting with Canon Log 3 support, oversampled 4K, and RAW movie internal recording

• For high-speed image transfer, the EOS R3 will have built-in Wired LAN and 5GHz Wi-Fi capabilities

• New accessory shoe provides further data communication and power; supports new accessories

• Magnesium-alloy body

• LP-E19 battery

• Vari-angle touch LCD monitor

• Multi and smart controller equipped

Watching Laing's footage of the R3 pre-production model captured from every angle is an odd experience that calls to mind a cheeky song about desire by the Buzzcocks, "Why Can't I Touch It?"

"It looks so real, I can see it. And it feels so real, I can feel it. So why can't I touch it?"

We're sure it's only a matter of time before actual, touchable Canon R3s become available to the public but, for now, you'll have to satisfy your camera lust by ogling Laing's footage below. After you do that, check out his channel to see all of his photo gear coverage.