Weekend Photo Challenge: How Many Awesome Photos Can You Shoot of Just One Object?

Here’s a great photo challenge to test your creativity this weekend: try to take as many unique images as you can of just one object. Tough assignment, right?

In the below video from COOPH, they show you that it’s not that difficult if you follow some simple tips. In their case, COOPH uses an avocado as the photographic subject.

“Using just one tasty avocado, we show you six great tips for shooting,” COOPH says. “So, grab an object, let your creative ideas flourish and try to maximize its versatility. Let us know if you can beat our record of six!”

Here are the six tips to help you with this assignment, which they explain in the video:

#1 Get Texture

#2 Play with Color

#3 Shoot Black & White

#4 Shoot Silhouettes

#5 Cut It and Peel It

#6 Shape It

Watch the video and then try the challenge yourself. Check out more fun and creative photography videos on COOPH’s YouTube channel.

Via ISO 1200