Watch What Happens When 4 Pro Photographers Shoot the Same Attractive Model (VIDEO)

It’s a good bet that if you place several photographers in the same setting at the same time, their results will be dramatically different. And that holds true whether the subject is a stunning landscape, a sporting event, or in this case an attractive model.

In this behind-the-scenes video from portrait/fashion photographer Anita Sadowska, you’ll see Anita and fellow photographers Irene Rudnyk, Taylor Jackson, and Lindsay Coulter demonstrate their interpretation of a model on the beach in Malibu, California. Along the way you’ll pick up some valuable tips on lighting, posing, gear and more.

Each photographer chooses specific positions from which to shoot and has three minutes to get the job done. And whether the model is lit from the front, side, or back, everyone makes a number of great images.

You’ll also see how the photographers choose to frame the model with objects along the beach. There are also a few intimate portraits shot inside a seaside beach house. What the video makes clear is that everyone has a unique vision, and a bit of experimentation and patience can really pay off.

You can find mode helpful tips on Sadowska’s YouTube channel, and in an earlier tutorial we posted on shooting gorgeous backlit portrait using natural light.